How messages move between mobile devices


The use of electronic devices is very common nowadays, it is almost indispensable, it is required to: check the time, learn to dance, cook, read articles, play video games or just look for funny videos to brighten up the day.

It all seems magical! you write or talk, and you have your answers; but really what happens inside these machines: when you are a child, some of us think that tiny people work in circuits. As you get older, you discover that if you connect a lamp to a power point, it runs through the electrical wire and turns it on; therefore you assume that all electrical appliances run on electricity.

The electricity is the main source for sending messages between mobile devices, so: if you just plug in the computer, tell it to send a message your friend, the response is null. This is because there are internal processes to communicate between: person-machine and machine-machine. Electricity, circuits and a code language are the nexus, let's explore this adventure!